Cooking workshops in Amsterdam

Are you looking for an unforgettable experience with friends, family or colleagues?
Discover authentic Dutch cooking and dining at Esther’s Cookery!

Would you like to come by Esther’s Cookery with colleagues or friends? We have room for 14 people, and, with an extra chef, availability for 20. There is enough space for everyone to cook and dine. While we do the dishes, you will be enjoying your vegetarian dishes at the large dining table, privately in the heart of De Pijp.

Esther’s Cookery is easily reachable by public transportation and car. Request more info for an evening of unforgettable cooking and dining in De Pijp.

Cooking with your colleagues and enjoying the results together at the large dining table: book a course with one of our amazing chefs, and prepare a meal together, getting to know your coworkers and building up your team! After cutting, mixing and spicing it up, you are invited at the table to taste all the delicacies accompanied with a lovely glass of wine. We will wash the dishes, you just sit back and enjoy!

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Would you like to follow vegetarian cooking classes in Amsterdam? Perhaps you have specific desires. Our possibilities are diverse – the choice is up to you. Cooking Ottolenghi style, discovering global vega flavours, going vegan, discovering the Syrian kitchen, the French cuisine or diving into the secrets of the Italians.

Starting time is 18:00 and you leave at 22:00. We are flexible with taste and time, so we can also start earlier or later.

If interested, I’d be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Esther’s Cookery is the first vegetarian cooking studio in the heart of De Pijp. At only a few meters away from the Albert Cuyp market, we always use fresh products from either the market or our own vegetable garden. And therefore cook seasonal. Authenticity is what matters in both our products as well as our activities. Cooking at the vegetarian cooking studio is the ideal outing with your friends, colleagues or family!

Vegetarian Cooking Class Amsterdam

Discover the many sides of vegetarian food at Esther’s Cookery. Experience new flavors, learn new techniques and get acquainted with all kinds of herbs and vegetables.

Are you crazy about the versatile recipes of Yotam Ottolenghi? Do you want to know more about Turkish cuisine or do you eat vegan? Everything is possible and the choice for a workshop is up to you – even if you want to cook with fish.

While enjoying a drink, you can taste the dishes that you have prepared. With an extra cook in the kitchen, there is space for 20 people in the cooking studio.

How does it work?

1. Leave your contact details

After you have filled in the contact form, you'll receive my brochure. I will contact you to tell you more about Esther's Cookery. I will quickly get started with your request.

2. Plan an evening or afternoon

We will discuss with how many people you want to come and talk about your wishes and special requests. Which theme and recipes do you want to try?

3. Cook and enjoy

What is left? Put your apron on, cook and enjoy a wonderful meal! With the help of one of the chefs you prepare the most delicious recipes and after an evening filling program you go home satisfied.

Why choose Esther’s Cookery?

Esther’s Cookery is the cosiest and only vegetarian cooking studio in De Pijp. Our cooking workshops in Amsterdam are ideal for bachelor parties, New Year’s Eve parties or family outings